10 Reasons Why You Need Online Wedding Biography

4. An Everlasting Memento.

After the big day has been and gone, your bouquet has wilted and the confetti has been swept from the floor, but your wedding website is there in Wedbio.com to stay forever.

5. Get Responses Immediately and Plan for Specific Number of Guests.

Our online invitation flow come with RSVP form that easily be used by your guest to fill in their information if they will attend the event or not.
Above all, you can visit your dashboard anytime and see how many guests has responded and will attend your event. We provide this information to help you manage your headcount guests.

6. Important Details and Updates.

You are not sure yet about your design or content of your invitation? Don’t worry, you still can update those information lately. Just inform us your changes, and it will be updated accordingly.

7. Your Guests Will Never Forget Your Big Day.

Worried that your busy person-guests will miss your big day?
We provide – Event Reminder – solution to save your event in their calendar and reminds them a few hours before event.

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